Lola is a folding chair in birchwood made from a single sheet of laser-cut plywood.
Assembled by hand, it has concealed hinges and, when opened, becomes a comfortable seat suitable for any use.
The chair can be closed in a single movement and goes back to its original shape, with a thickness of only 2 cm.
An entire set of chairs will occupy a space of only a few centimetres, allowing them to be stored in small spaces.
The design of the chair goes beyond the normal concept of an emergency folding chair (use and hide) and becomes, in every way, a chair to use in any environment and at any time.

Open chair space
H 87 cm L 49 cm P 48 cm
Closed chair space
H 95 cm L 48 cm P 2 cm
H 45 cm L 36 cm P 42 cm
Birch wood, natural color, non-toxic water-based paint.

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