Parva is an Italian company based in Veneto that designs and creates design furniture and furnishings.
The Parva products combine tradition with technological innovation.
Tradition: coming from the use of a tenacious and elegant material like birchwood, whose brightness and fresh sobriety make it suitable for creating high quality furniture.
Innovation: coming from the laser-cutting technique that guarantees precision, special finishes and very little waste.
Parva offers design products suitable for any setting, especially where maximum flexibility is needed.
Designed for easy closing, they can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes without screws, and occupy very little floor space.

The technology adopted in the production phase and the special shape of the design minimises material waste, a testimony of Parva’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Parva mainly uses birchwood and computerised laser-cutting technology. This combination allows creating furniture items in a wide variety of shapes, with an original and unmistakable design.

Each product is made from a single multilayer wood panel, which is cut in a way that defines all the different functional parts of the item. This allows the Parva furniture to regain the original shape of the panel while maintaining the continuity of colour and grain of the wood, highlighting the logic and geometry of the cut.

The design and manufacturing technology enable using the entire surface of the panel, minimising material waste. The impregnation coating uses strictly non-toxic water based paints.
The Parva products, skilfully assembled by hand, stand out for their soft and linked shapes, for the beauty of natural wood surfaces, and for the characteristic dark “burned” edges, an effect of the high temperature laser cutting.