Elegant and unique birch plywood designer coat rack.
Obtained from a single laser-cut 2 cm sheet of wood, it comprises three identical complementary elements.
Arranged in a triangle, they are fastened with a sturdy magnetic system extremely easy to assemble and disassemble.
Once disassembled, it takes up very little space, and it can be easily carried around.
Thanks to its compact size, Elio can be placed in tight spaces: behind a door, in a narrow corridor, in a corner.
It can hold a large number of coats, handbags and umbrellas properly ranged.
To make it more stable, the screw-mount version is also available.
This version too is very easy to assemble and disassemble, in very little time.

Coat rack height
152 cm
Coat hanger diameter
32 cm
Birch wood, natural color, non-toxic water-based paint.

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